How to remove the help menu’s from CRM 4.0


The standard Microsoft CRM 4.0 help menu’s offer a lot more than help, they offer upgrade information, links to partners and solution providers and many other options that might not be suitable for many ISV’s or partners creating custom CRM 4.0 applications.  Since Microsoft doesn’t provide an option to remove these menus’s I came up with the following solutions.  Please consider  this is an unsupported modification.

There are two main areas that the help menu’s are presented to the user, the 1st is in the main CRM work area (shown below).

CRM Main Page

CRM Main Page

To remove or alter this menu we must alter one of the CRM 4.0 base pages, bar_Top.aspx, the default location is  \Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\CRMWeb\_root\.   Take note your CRMWeb folder might be installed elswhere depending on your virtual directory structure.
Since we will be overloading the menu’s we need to place the new code in a location that executes after the menu elements have been rendered.  I recommend just after the closing body tag.

The JavaScript to hide a menu is very simple:
var helpMenu = document.getElementById(‘mnu_helpUpdates’); = ‘none’;

The code above will hide the Update Help menu.  I recommend not making dramatic edits to the base CRM pages, a better approach is to use a global JavaScript file and include it in to the base page bar_Top.aspx.

So far all we have done is remove a menu from the main CRM page, each entity edit page contains it’s own help menu’s.  Most of the edit pages can be found at \Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\CRMWeb\sfa\  within the SFA folder the subfolders are named after the standard entity’s for example the Accounts entity’s path is \\dev1\c$\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\CRMWeb\SFA\accts and the pages are almost always named edit.aspx.   We can use the same code as before and again I recommend placing the include after the closing body tag.
The good new is you don’t have to handle all your custom entity pages  one by one, by editing the edit.aspx page located at \Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\CRMWeb\UserDefined\  all your custom entity pages  will be taken care of.
You might be wondering if there is a centtral place that you could place your code to handle all the standard entity pages but I haven’t found such a location that works consitantly across the board.

The other menu ID’s are found here in the completed script:
<script language=”JavaScript”>
var helpMenu = document.getElementById(‘mnu_about’); = ‘none’;
var helpMenu = document.getElementById(‘mnu_helpUpdates’); = ‘none’;
var helpMenu = document.getElementById(‘mnu_crmLive’); = ‘none’;
var helpMenu = document.getElementById(‘mnu_helpOn’); = ‘none’;
var helpMenu = document.getElementById(‘mnu_troubleShoot’); = ‘none’;
var helpMenu = document.getElementById(‘mnu_helpContent’); = ‘none’;
var helpMenu = document.getElementById(‘mnu_adminGuide’); = ‘none’;

Good luck!


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